Saturday, April 10, 2010

4-2-1/4-1 Extractor for most all car model.

mandrel bend stainless steel extractor.
suitable for most all many car models.
just let me know ur car models & u want upgrade to 4-2-1 or 4-1.
*price will be include installation & modify*

Exora rear spoiler section

M333 (oem style)----------------RM165
M332 (MUGEN style)------------RM170
all the items make by fiber & ready make items,not custom item.

YOKOHAMA PARADA SPEC 2 tires (195/50R15)


high grip & high performance road use sport tire
suitable for all type of 15 inch rims or sport rims.
only have size of below.

size: 195/50R15

price:---RM175 per piece.

*price may change anytimes*


name: CT creative speed racing wheel nut

allen key lock nut,suitable for all type of sport rim have a hole for allen key.
size : M12x1.5 32mm long.

for 4 hole rims only,not suitable for 5 hole rims.

price:----RM28 per set.

14 inch sport rims (SSW)

from above to below:
SSW 045 6x14 8H(100/110)-------RM680
hyper silver & polish lip
bronze & polish lip
SSW 044 5.5x14 8H(100/110)
hyper silver & polish lip
SSW 118 5.5x14 8H(100/110)-----RM620
full polish black
all the rims are selling by set (4 piece),no colour colour choose per set.
*price change anytimes*

VIVA rear spoiler

M269 (valliant)
M268 (MUGEN professional style)
all the items make by fiber & ready make items,no custom provided.

myvi rear spoiler and tail gate panel cover.

M282 (SR sporty)
M202 (rear tail gate)
all the items make by fiber material & ready make items,no custom make provided.

perodua myvi rear spoiler

place order by selected items code number & items name.
(look at the items picture,left hand side number)
all items make by fiber material,all is ready make items,no provided custom.

Kelisa rear spoiler

CODE: M314 (mini cooper style)
CODE: M274 (MUGEN professional V2 style)
CODE: M226 (Gino style)
CODE: M150 (Oem style)
CODE: M149 (kelisa)

all the spoiler are ready make,all make by fiber material.

Honda Jazz year 03-07 rear spoiler.

M209 (Valliant)
M170 (MUGEN professional)
M270 (MUGEN professional V-II)
M271 (SPOON)
all the spoiler is ready make no custom provided,all is make by fiber material

Mazda RX-8 rear spoiler (MAZDASPEED STYLE)

CODE: M289 (mazda RX8)
make by fiber material & stainless steel spoiler stand.

Monday, April 5, 2010


ready make items.
made by hard fiber material.
plug and play mode.

M156 CROSS style with brake light (fiber)
M157 CENTER BONNET SPOILER for kancil yr03 (fiber)
M169 for kancil yr03 (fiber)
INGS rear spoiler (fiber)

honda civic FD rear spoiler (fiber)

good quality hard fiber material.

M276 type R----- RM155
M191 MUGEN----RM140
M199 MODULO---RM135